IU Sings Jang Ki Ha's Song at Yoo In Na's Request Long Before Dating Announcement

IU‘s close friend Yoo In Na subtly teased the songstress back in January of 2014 about her relationship with musician Jang Ki Ha, way before the rest of us knew about it!

After the news broke about their relationship last week, IU and Jang Ki Ha both personally confirmed that they are currently dating. IU says she fell for the indie musician back when they first met on his radio show in October 2013, and that they’ve been dating for almost two years now. You can watch the musician couple’s first meeting here.

IU has been a guest on Yoo In Na’s KBS radio show “Yoo In Na’s Volume Up” often, but one appearance from January 27, 2014 is particularly fun to watch considering what we know now.

During the show, a listener requests a song by Jang Ki Ha’s band, Jang Ki Ha and the Faces. The song is entitled “Living the Carefree Life.” Yoo In Na gets IU to read out the listener’s request, and when she gets to the song title, IU can’t help but laugh.

“I have a wish,” says Yoo In Na. “IU introduced the song, but you know the bit where he sings ‘I’m living a carefree life’?”

“Of course I do,” laughs IU. Yoo In Na asks her to sing that part, and IU looks beside herself at the way her friend is trolling her. “Why?!” she asks, and Yoo In Na replies, “Just, you know, you’re good at singing.” IU puts her head in her hand and makes some frustrated sounds as she laughs.

As the two talk about how she’s going to perform the part, IU says to Yoo In Na, “I’m blushing, aren’t I?” and Yoo In Na replies with a grin, “A little bit.” Yoo In Na is clearly having a great time teasing IU about her relationship with Jang Ki Ha without the listeners knowing what’s really going on.

They decide that she should sing it after the track plays. As they listen, IU bounces around to the beat and sings along. When they come back from the song, IU asks Yoo In Na, “Am I really doing this?” and Yoo In Na says, “Of course you are! They all saw you practicing!”

IU then sings the fun part, and Yoo In Na laughs and says, “Okay, okay, good job, stop it now, I won’t ask you do it again!”

“Seriously, don’t make me do this stuff!” laughs IU.

Watch the clip below to see IU’s reaction to Yoo In Na’s teasing!

Meanwhile, IU’s new mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” is set to drop on October 23, and you can watch a teaser for her comeback track “The Shower” here.

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