AOA’s Seolhyun Becomes CeCi Magazine’s Cover Girl for the First Time

AOA‘s Seolhyun graced the cover of CeCi‘s November issue for the first time alone.

In the first photo, the pastel pink coat and the green garden background really enhance her beauty.


During the interview portion of the photo shoot, Seolhyun explained, “I really envied the girls on magazine covers when I was young. I’m really happy that I got this chance pretty quick, but I’m also a bit pressured since there are many honorable people who were on the cover of CeCi Magazine.”


Despite her worries, Seolhyun did very well during the pictorial. An editor at the scene relayed, “I got a sense of how popular Seolhyun was when I uploaded the photos and they became the center of news articles in seconds.”


Meanwhile, fans can see more of the pictorial and interview in CeCi Magazine’s November issue.

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