7 Famous Korean Celebrity Face Cleansing Methods

Many individuals desire clear and youthful skin. Of course, factors like genetics and diet will determine the state of your skin. However, certain techniques and products can help you achieve noticeable improvements.

Korean celebrities are famous for their beautiful skin. Currently, cleansing methods are lauded as an integral part to obtaining gorgeous skin. With that said, let’s look at seven celebrities who have shared their special cleansing methods.

Suzy‘s 4-2-4 Method

1. Use a cleansing oil to remove your makeup. Massage it into your skin for four minutes to make sure you get all the makeup and impurities out.
2. After washing away the cleansing oil, use a foam cleanser to clean your face for two minutes. Make sure to create the foam in your hands before applying it to your face!
3. Lastly, rinse your face for four minutes. Start with lukewarm water and end with cold water.
4. Don’t use a towel to remove the water from your face. Lightly pat it onto your skin so it can be absorbed.

Park Soo Jin‘s 3-Step Cleansing Method

1. Apply a cleansing cream all over your face. After the cleansing cream starts to melt your makeup, carefully rub to remove your makeup.
2. Starting with lukewarm water and ending with cold water, wash your face.
3. Then wash your face with a foam cleanser and target your pores. Follow up with the same lukewarm and cold water rinse.
4. Finally, use an egg white soap to thoroughly cleanse and tighten pores. After applying the foam from the soap, leave it on as a mask pack for five minutes. Then you can rinse in the same fashion.

Soyu cleansing

Soyu’s 2-Step Cleansing Method

1. Before cleansing your face, make sure you wash your hands. Then use a cleansing oil to remove makeup.
2. Then cleanse your face using a cleansing tool in conjunction with a cleanser to thoroughly clean your pores.
3. Pat the edges of your face with a towel to remove excess water, but don’t dry your whole face.

Kim Sa Rang cleansing

Kim Sa Rang‘s Whirlwind Method

1. Create foam using a foam cleanser.
2. Apply the foam to your face and cleanse using light circular motions.
3. It’s especially important to use circular motions to cleanse your eyes and nose.

Kim Gyu Ri cleansing

Kim Gyu Ri’s Makgeolli Cleansing Method

1. First, wash your face with water.
2. Place some makgeolli (rice wine) in a dish or bowl and pat it onto your face.
3. Rinse again with water.
4. This method will not be suitable for all skin types. You can use this method three times a week. A makgeolli sheet mask will be a safer alternative.

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin‘s Hot and Cool Steam Method

1. Remove your makeup.
2. Create a steam towel by placing a towel in hot water. Place the towel over your face and massage your forehead, eyebrow area, cheekbones, and chin. This improves circulation. Be careful not to use an overly hot towel.
3. Have slices of lemon in ice water for 10 minutes prepared beforehand. Then wash your face with the lemon ice water. The lemon will help close up pores that were opened by the steam towel and also have a detoxifying effect.

Go Hyun Jung cleansing

Go Hyun Jung‘s Peach Fuzz Cleansing Method

1. Wash your hands and wash your face with warm water to open up your pores.
2. Cleanse your face by creating foam from a facial soap and wash your face gently.
3. First, cleanse in the direction of your peach fuzz growth and then cleanse in the opposite direction to ensure thorough cleansing.
4. Focus on areas like your nose and anywhere you have extra fuzz. Finally, rinse.

Have you tried any of these methods so far? Which are you interested in or skeptical about? Don’t forget to comment below!

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