“Six Flying Dragons” Production Team Addresses Controversial Child Rape Scene

SBS’s drama “Six Flying Dragons” faces a controversy with the recent airing of a child rape scene in the episode four of the drama series which aired on October 13. Many viewers are questioning whether the scene was necessary.

To respond to the controversy, a “Six Flying Dragons” representative defended the decision to keep the rape scene by saying, “The scene of young Yeon Hee (Jeong Yu Mi) getting raped is absolutely essential in portraying the psychological awakening of Ddang Sae (Byun Yo Han).”

He added, “Ddang Sae goes through the struggle of having to stand there unable to help Yeon Hee during the rape. He even contemplates suicide over the guilt. Child actor Yoon Chan Young had his own struggles working on the scene, but he was able to work through it with the support of the staff members.”

Despite Ddang Sae’s attempt to commit suicide, Master Jang Sam Bong comes to his rescue ultimately leading Ddang Sae to become Lee Bang Ji, the bodyguard to political advisor Jeong Do Jun.

Click here to see the controversial scene, and check out the complete episode four of “Six Flying Dragons” below.

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1081627v-six-flying-dragons-episode-4

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