Motion Poster for Movie “Joseon Magician” Featuring Yoo Seung Ho Is a Visual Stunner

Actor Yoo Seung Ho mesmerizes with stunning visuals in the motion poster for the movie “Joseon Magician” by Withers Films.

This is the first motion poster for “Joseon Magician” and features the same poster image of Yoo Seung Ho which was released at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) earlier this month.

The motion poster shows Yoo Seung Ho opening up his eyes very slowly as his long hair is flying about in the wind. When he finally opens up his eyes, you notice his right eye turning blue with a piercing glare. The heart-stopping image of Yoo Seung Ho grapples the viewers’ attention.

“Joseon Magician” is about a magician living in the Joseon Dynasty who is in a risky relationship with a girl. He ultimately puts everything on the line in the name of love. It is slated to premiere in December.

Check out the motion poster of “Joseon Magician” below.

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