6 Important Contributions BEAST Made to K-Pop

It’s BEAST’s 6th Anniversary since debut, and we (I) simply cannot let it pass without a commemorative post. So, I dug deep and realized that since BEAST has been around for a whopping 6 years they must have made some pretty impressive contributions to the K-pop scene, right?

So, without further ado, here are my personal favorite BEAST-ly contributions to K-pop!

1. Trouble Maker.


I’m going to start this list off strong, with an epic duo that simultaneously slayed and saved K-pop multiple times. From the iconic dance moves of “Trouble Maker” to the sexy and addicting “Now,” when Hyunseung pairs with 4Minute‘s HyunA the chemistry is off the charts! So, for all the times idols are forced to perform the epic “Trouble Maker” dance, let’s give a shoutout to Hyunseung!

2. The American Dance.


Sure, Kikwang can act and sing and is one of the original “bagel-dols” (idols with baby faces but “glamorous” bodies), but perhaps his greatest contribution to K-pop is the infamous “American Dance.” Do we know why it is “American”? No. Do we love it? Yes. He’s been doing it since 2010 and I’m sure there are compilation videos out there. (You’re welcome.)

3. The Original Boyfriend-dol.


“Boyfriend-dol.” A combination of both “boyfriend” and “idol” and the perfect description of one Yoon Doojoon. The BEAST leader has always made headlines for his perfect manners, good looks, and athleticism — which results in consistently being chosen as the ideal boyfriend in online surveys. He’s also been known as the “soccer-dol” due to his childhood dream of being a pro soccer player that he is now fulfilling by playing soccer for the idol-studded FC Men’s team, in a CUBE league, and during every MBC Idol Star Olympics. Anyone out there who doesn’t have a secret crush on Doojoon?

4. Small Face Complexes.


Yoseob has a small face. I’m not joking, even when seeing it in person it’s strikingly tiny. Korea tends to comment on things like face size, but Yoseob changed the small face game. Women (and the rest of the BEAST members) shy behind him in photos — pushing his face closer to the camera in hopes that it’ll make his face look a little bit bigger by comparison. Perhaps the funniest part is that despite his tiny face, his body is all muscle thanks to his intense boxing training — so do not ever make fun of his face.

5. One of The Original “Producer-dols.”


These days many idols are producing their own music, but Junhyung was among the first idols to make the jump into producing (and we’re so glad he did). Having now over 96 copyrights – including songs for both BEAST, member solos, and other artists, Junhyung is definitely comfortable in the producer’s seat.

6. The Best Fan Chant Ever.


Dongwoon might be the maknae, he might not have as many schedules as the other members, but he definitely has adoring fans and perhaps a giant ego. These days, Dongwoon doesn’t introduce himself at events, instead he holds out the mic and “Son. Nam. Shin” is shouted at him. Son is his last name, and “nam shin” means male god. That’s right, his official fan chant is calling him a male god — and fans will even chant it in airports. That’s a quality fan chant.

What are your favorite BEAST contributions to K-pop? Let us know below!

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