BoA Displays Close Friendship With Son Hyun Joo

BoA recently displayed her close friendship with actor Son Hyun Joo.

On October 16, Son Hyun Joo attended a showcase for his upcoming film “The Phone” at Konkuk University.

At the showcase, he had a phone conversation with BoA, who admitted, “Lately I’ve been calling Hyun Joo my older brother. I went to visit him at the filming site of ‘The Phone.’ The atmosphere there was very good.”

BoA also admitted during the phone conversation that she’s currently overcoming an ankle injury. She said, “It’s been very difficult because my ankle is in such bad shape. I’m resting now so that it will heal.”

Meanwhile, the film “The Phone” is about a man who receives a phone call from his wife who was murdered one year prior, and tries to change the past by warning her of the danger she faces. It is set to hit the big screen on October 22.

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