“Unpretty Rapstar” Contestants React to Addition of Rubber Soul’s Kim and EXY

The October 16 broadcast of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 2” introduced new contestants Rubber Soul’s Kim and EXY, a rookie rapper from Starship Entertainment.

The other contestants expressed their discontentment with the new additions as various disgruntled comments were heard. They felt as though the new contestants were getting a free ride on the show and had low regard for their performances.

EXY-kim-rubber soul

When Kim introduced herself as a member of Rubber Soul, no one welcomed her to the show. EXY also got a cold reception from the rest of the contestants when she introduced herself saying, “I’m a rookie rapper from the Starship Entertainment, Hyorin of SISTAR’s agency.”

How these two new rappers will fare on the show remains to be seen.

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