Yook Sungjae Proves Himself a Man in Joy’s Eyes on “We Got Married”

Red Velvet‘s Joy says she sees BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae as a man now on “We Got Married”!

On the October 17 episode of the show, Yook Sungjae accompanies Joy to a driver’s education course where she attempts to take the driver’s license exam. While they wait for Joy’s turn to be announced, Joy mentions that the sunlight is very strong.

Yook Sungjae immediately replies, “I’ll block it for you, then,” and stands in front of her to give her shade. Joy laughs in delight, saying, “You’ve become a man! You were so cute at first.”



One of the MCs jokes, “It must be nice being that tall. I couldn’t do that [because I’m too short].”

Check out the adorable clip below!

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