Song Ji Hyo’s Little Brother Makes an Appearance on “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo introduces viewers to his handsome little brother in the latest episode of “Running Man“!

On the October 18 broadcast of the show, the cast members are asked to take a trip down the memory lane and share the stories of their most cherished old belongings. The guests for this week’s episode are “Collective Invention” stars Lee Chun Hee, Kim Hee Won, and Park Bo Young.

Reminiscing her childhood, Song Ji Hyo brings in a “Space Commando Bioman” VHS tape and asks her little brother to explain more about their favorite TV show.

“Please tell them how much fun we had together while watching this tape,” Song Ji Hyo tells her brother, who seems to have a completely different set of memories about the VHS and playfully replies, “But you hit me a lot,” causing his sister to get all flustered.

The siblings also team up for a duet and sing the legendary theme song of “Space Commando Bioman” together, showing their close relationship.

song ji hyo brother

Watch the latest episode here!

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