Child Actress Choi Yu Ri Is Kim Yoo Jung’s Adorable Mini-Me

A number of photos of actress Kim Yoo Jung and child actress Choi Yu Ri posted on Facebook have been drawing a lot of attention!

Kim Yoo Jung and Choi Yu Ri recently co-starred in the film “Circle of Atonement.” The photos were shared on CGV‘s official Facebook page, and show just how much Choi Yu Ri resembles Kim Yoo Jung.



Even Kim Yoo Jung expressed her surprise at the resemblance, saying at an event, “I was shocked looking at her and seeing how she looks just like me. A lot of people have asked me if [Choi Yu Ri] was a younger version of me. Even my own father saw the film and told me that she looks exactly like I did as a child.”


“Circle of Atonement,” which was released on October 15, is about a man appearing 10 years after a vicious murder and involving a detective and his daughter in the secrets of the case. You can watch a trailer for the film below.

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