Haha’s Son Dream Accidentally Makes a Cute Partial Appearance on “Running Man”

While Haha is filming himself at home in the latest episode of “Running Man,” his son Dream is heard laughing and viewers get a peek at his tiny feet!

On this episode, each of the members and guests are tasked with sharing a particularly memory-filled object with the others, but they also have to provide proof of how old the object is. In order to do so, they’re given cameras to film themselves at home.

Haha first films a huge number of toys that are lying the floor, giving viewers a glimpse of his home as he does so. His two-year-old son Dream is heard laughing nearby as Haha shows off the toys.

“Among all of these, there’s a present that I played with when I was a kid. It was given to me as a gift by my father and mother,” explains Haha as he scans over the toys. But Dream stands too close to the toys and viewers can see his legs.

Haha says to him, “Dream, step back a bit, your legs are showing,” and we see Dream quickly running out of the frame.

haha running man dream

Haha then shows off the toy truck that he used to play with as a kid, thirty years ago, and says that Dream plays with it now.

haha running man 2

Haha married singer Byul in November of 2012, and the couple welcomed their first son Dream into the world in July of 2013.

You can watch the full October 18 episode of “Running Man” below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1061324v-running-man-episode-269

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