Choi Siwon Reveals His Reaction to the Ratings of the First Episode of “She Was Pretty”

Choi Siwon from the drama “She Was Pretty” revealed his first reaction to the drama’s initial viewer ratings.


On the October 18 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” Choi Si Won said in an interview, “When the cast all watched the first episode of the drama together, we thought this drama would start off as a hit. However, we were all surprised by the first episode’s low ratings. Fortunately, the ratings doubled by the second episode.”

When asked about his character in the drama, Choi Si Won answered, “There are some traits from my character that are similar to my actual personality. However, there are also a lot of characteristics that I envy. For example, my character is very carefree and can say whatever is on his mind.”

Watch the most recent episode of “She Was Pretty” below!

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