Hwang Jung Eum and Go Jun Hee Worked Together Before “She Was Pretty”

The drama “She Was Pretty” is currently stirring up a lot of interest in online communities. Recently, it came to fans’ attention that the drama costars, Hwang Jung Eum and Go Jun Hee, have worked together before. Before starring together in “She Was Pretty,” Hwang Jung Eum and Go Jun Hee starred together in the 2011 drama “Can You Hear My Heart.”

In “Can You Hear My Heart,” Hwang Jung Eum played the confident and bright character of Bong Woo Ri, while Go Jun Hee played the successful and stylish Kang Min Soo. Similar to their mutual love of Park Seo Joon in “She Was Pretty,” the two actresses also loved the same character, Cha Dong Joon (played by Kim Jae Won), in “Can You Hear My Heart.”

jun hee jung eum

The fact that the drama “She Was Pretty” was a reunion for Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon (after “Kill Me, Heal Me“) stirred a lot of interest among fans. However, many were very surprised that the drama was also a reunion between Hwang Jung Eum and Go Jun Hee as well.

Interestingly, in “Can You Hear My Heart,” Hwang Jung Eum sported a short hair style similar to the one Go Jun Hee now has for her character in “She Was Pretty.” In the photos taken of the two actresses back in 2011, you can see the drastic changes in their hairstyles.

Meanwhile, the drama “She Was Pretty” is doing very well in their ratings with a most recent rating of 16.7 percent, and is continuing to rise in popularity. Watch the latest episode below:

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