f(x) Members Get Goofy in the Practice Room

With their comeback around the corner, fans were able to get a glimpse of f(x) in action in their practice room.

On October 18, Victoria uploaded onto her Instagram a video of the girls fooling around with the caption “Daebak Event!”

With Victoria moving her neck to the rhythm, Luna doing some serious body waves, Krystal crawling, and Amber sliding across the floor, the video is stirring up excitement and laughter all around. Many fans were amused by Krystal especially, as her comic side shown in the video is very different from her usual chic image.

대박사건!!! #에프엑스 #빅토리아 #크리스탈 #루나 #엠버 @ajol_llama @fx_luna_sunyoung @vousmevoyez

A video posted by Victoria Song (@victoria02_02) on

Upon watching the video, netizens commented, “This is so funny,” “It’s great to see their close bond,” and “Please make a comeback already.”

What do you guys think of the short video?

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