Joo Won Talks About His Kissing Scenes From “Yong Pal”

Actor Joo Won appeared on the October 19 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” to promote his upcoming movie “It’s Him” (working title). On the show, he had a chance to reminisce about his kissing scenes from his recent SBS drama “Yong Pal.”

He noted, “I had quite a number of kissing scenes on the drama. The fans noticed that I got better and better with more practice.” He added, “Because we had so many kissing scenes, we worked on how we can make each scene unique. Turning our heads this way and that way… trying to be honest with our feelings.” He cracked up the audience saying that he had to tell himself not to get nervous on these scenes.

Joo Won’s upcoming movie “It’s Him” is a murder mystery about a man going after his sister’s killer with the help of a girl who possesses a supernatural power to foresee deaths. The movie is scheduled to open on October 28 in Korea.

Check out the video clip of the “Cultwo Show” featuring Joo Won here.

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