Brown Eyed Girls Are Fall Beauties in New Grazia Pictorial

Brown Eyed Girls showed off their professionalism and teamwork in a new photo shoot for Grazia.

Coming back as a group after two years, the members were very sincere towards this photo shoot and even participated in picking out the outfits for this pictorial concept.

brown eyed girls1

During the interview portion of the pictorial, Brown Eyed Girls said that they aren’t really worried or feeling pressured about their comeback. They hinted on their upcoming album with “something that only Brown Eyed Girls can pull off; something that only Brown Eyed Girls can make possible.”

Miryo commented that their teamwork is strong because they stayed together as a group for 10 years without changing any members.

To read more of their honest answers and see more photos, check out Grazia’s November issue.

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