B.A.P Drops Teasers With Matoki Characters for November Comeback

B.A.P is getting fans excited with some new teaser images for their long-awaited November comeback!

Members Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up both uploaded images to their individual Twitter accounts on October 20. They each feature their famous Matoki characters, with Jong Up’s including Dadamato and Bang Yong Guk’s image showing Shishimato.

B.A.P jongup B.A.P Bang Yongguk

They both tweeted the images with only the hashtags “#BAP” and “#BAP151115.”

The group previously released a word search puzzle entitled “mato puzzle” earlier this month, which contained messages to their fans as well as hints about their new album.

B.A.P will be holding a comeback showcase at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza on November 15.

Are you counting down the days until B.A.P’s comeback?