6 Times DAY6’s Jae Was #Winning Twitter

In case you have been living under a rock, idols are all over social media these days. But, there are three types of social media idols:

1) The Company Idol: Their account is probably (definitely) run by someone from their agency because the only thing they ever share is comeback news.

2) The Fan-Babo: The idols who do everything for their fans, they post thank you messages nearly every day along with cute selfies and updates on their life.

3) The Special Snowflake: These idols go a bit…. above and beyond. They are quirky (dare we say… odd?) and like to show off that they think completely out of the box. Like, way out of the box.

Today, I want to share my personal favorite “special snowflake” idol: Jae from DAY6. His #hashtag #game is always #onpoint and he’s notorious for always responding to fans and showing off his real personality. His account is delightfully all over the place, but here are 6 of my favorite @Jae_Day6 moments:

1. That time he choose his own birthday hashtag.

Idols need a birthday hashtag – how else are they going to keep track of all the birthday wishes? But usually it’s fans banding together to create delightfully unique #s for their bias. But Jae? He wanted to get his hands dirty and really have a say in his birthday. And he chose probably the most random hashtag we have ever seen, because why not.

2. That time he loved chicken. (Every time.)

Everyone has a favorite food, but Jae’s love for chicken is… special, legendary if you will. He loves to eat it, he wants to be it, he tweets about it all the time. Just, a word of advice: don’t read through his account if you’re hungry because you will crave chicken. A lot.

3. That time he simultaneously shipped Markson and sought to destroy it.

Jae keeps it real. He knows that Mark and Jackson are everyone’s favorite pair of BFFs but he is also competitive. He can’t let Markson have all the glory, no. So what did he do? Bully (we assume) his Day6 BFF YoungK into opening a Twitter account so they can both be BFFs online for the world to see. (YoungK needs to figure out how to use Twitter first, apparently, but BFF-ery will happen soon, soon.)

4. That time he made GOT7’s Yugyeom rap on live television.

Yeah, Jae is also a complete troll. But, please, enjoy the fruits of his labor and watch Yugyeom rap “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to a sick Kanye beat now. You will never regret it.

5. That time he revealed himself to be a fanboy of JB from GOT7.

He knows that feel! That feel we all feel about our ultimate biases… When you can’t stop tweeting about them and talking about them and sharing pictures of them and, honestly, who doesn’t love JB?

6. That time he was too meta.

Guys, he knows that he’s messing with our hearts! He’s on to us…. But I think we’re all pretty okay with it right?

What are your favorite Jae moments? Or who are your favorite ~special snowflake~ idols?

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