Joo Won Says He Gained Kim Tae Hee Through “Yong Pal”

Fashion magazine Singles revealed Joo Won‘s pictorial for their November issue. The actor just finished the wildly popular drama “Yong Pal” and is now looking forward to the release of his new movie “It’s Him.” During his interview he discussed the success of his drama and commented, “First of all, the script has to be good. That’s how people get interested in the characters that make the storyline come to life.”

joo won 2

When asked what he gained through “Yong Pal,” he replied, “Of course, it’s Tae Hee noona. It’s not just her face that’s pretty, but her personality as well. She is more and more charming the more you look at her.”

Joo Won also spoke about his new movie “It’s Him,” saying, “I want to make [movies] that make people feel happy while they are watching and when they leave the theater. My new character in the movie is going to be a turning point in my life.” You can find the whole pictorial and interview in the November issue of Singles.

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