Jung Kyung Ho Receives a Torrent of Hate After Following Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung on Instagram

The world is truly full of wonderful, wonderful people. But for every one of them, there is an equal and opposite crazie.

They — the crazies — rolled out in full force on Jung Kyung Ho’s Instagram, tearing him a new one just because he committed the heinous act of following Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung — his girlfriend — on Instagram.

jung kyung ho instagram following sooyoung

Jung Kyung Ho posted a photo on his Instagram on October 15 of him with Yoon Do Hyun, congratulating the veteran artist for his 20th anniversary at his concert. In severe contrast to the happy smiles in the photo, the comments to the right were hateful and incredibly rude.

jung kyung ho sooyoung comments

One commenter says, “Listen. I can’t believe this. If you like your girlfriend so much, then be a little considerate. Are you aware of the fact that Sooyoung is an idol? I don’t understand what you’re doing, when she is keeping quiet. Fans only want to see Sooyoung, so when other people start getting involved, they really hate it. You couldn’t bear to keep your mouth shut even before the [dating] news came out, and now you’re just doing whatever. Think a little bit about what ramifications your actions have and who bears the burden of them. You’re so frustrating.”

Another commenter ironically says, “I really don’t curse and criticize people dating idols like all those crazy fans, and I think it’s quite embarrassing to do so, but I have to say something to you.” The commenter goes on to say how Jung Kyung Ho is so inconsiderate and that he must think so little of Sooyoung’s fans, etc.

jung kyung ho sooyoung comments instagram

The list of similar comments goes on and on: “Following Sooyoung isn’t respectful to Sooyoung’s fans,” “We really don’t like you,” “You’re so selfish,” “Do you not care because you’re not famous?”

However, thankfully, interspersed between all the hate are fans in full support of Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung: “I think that’s enough. Is it a crime for a guy to follow his girlfriend? I hope they get married! Stay together forever! I’m rooting for you,” and “To Sooyoung’s fans! If you want the person you like to be happy, stop saying those things. Go Jung Kyung Ho!”

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung confirmed their relationship in January of this year, after dating photos of the two were released.

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