Tablo and Haru Shoot Adorable Father-Daughter Pictorial

Outdoor clothing and goods brand Black Yak Kids have revealed Epik High’s Tablo and Haru as their models. The father-daughter duo had a pictorial featuring Black Yak clothing with Marie Claire magazine. With the increasingly chilly weather, the photo shoot naturally focused on the down jackets.

Haru Tablo

The released photos reveal the pair with natural poses and expressions. They look so comfortable as though they are merely playing with each other rather than posing for a pictorial. Wearing a variety of warm clothing, Tablo and Haru look like the most adorable and stylish father and daughter ever.

Tablo Haru2

With a theme of “play outdoors,” the photo shoot took place in various locations including alleyways in Gangnam with the concept of broadening the term “outdoors” to simply being beyond the door. During the shoot, Tablo took time to teach Haru how to ride a skateboard and scooter.

Haru Tablo2


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