Go Jun Hee Misses Her Likable Character from the Beginning of “She Was Pretty”

Actress Go Jun Hee revealed her honest thoughts about her character Min Ha Ri in the currently popular drama “She Was Pretty.”

go jun hee4

The actress was selected to be on the cover of Dazed for its November issue, and she also followed up with an interview where she gave her honest thoughts on her antagonistic character.

go jun hee2

After the pictorial, Go Jun Hee said, “I do miss the cool Min Ha Ri that many female viewers rooted for at the beginning. There are going to be a lot of emotions that my character has to feel from now on, so I want to make her likable for most viewers.”

go jun hee3

Meanwhile, “She Was Pretty” is very popular these days and is being loved by many avid viewers.

Watch the latest episode here!

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