“She Was Pretty” Will Not Be Extended Past Episode 16

Despite popular demand, MBC‘s “She Was Pretty” will not be extended and will only air 16 episodes as originally planned.

On October 21, the production head of “She Was Pretty” stated, “‘She Was Pretty’ will wrap up with just 16 episodes. It has been discussed and agreed upon.”

The public can sense how popular this drama is just by the amount of complaints that viewers submitted when one episode was delayed due to a baseball game on October 14.

Since the pattern of two episodes per week has been thrown off now, some viewers started hoping that there will be another special episode in addition to what is originally planned.

However, the head of the drama production clarified, “It’s only natural that these suggestions arise when a drama is so popular. Choi Siwon, in ‘She Was Pretty,’ has to prepare for military enlistment and other actors and staff members all agree that it’s best not to extend this drama. Episode 16 will air on Wednesday, November 11, as planned, and there will be a soccer game broadcast on Thursday, November 12.”

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