Choi Siwon and Yoo Byung Jae: An Unlikely Pair of Celebrity Look-Alikes?

An unlikely pair of celebrities are getting attention as being look-alikes.

Recently on an online community, a photo was posted in a community with the title, “Yoo Byung Jae, who lost weight and got styling help from YG.”

The photo in the post that instantly became very popular looks just like Yoo Byung Jae at first glance, but the man in the picture is actually Choi Siwon with his beard grown out for the drama “She Was Pretty.”

yoo byung jae choi si won 1

Netizens are pointing out that the two of them have similar beards and hair styles as well as having the same doe-like eyes. In actual fact, if you see their pictures without the height and weight, they resemble each other so much that you might mistake them for the same person.

What do you think? Do you think Choi Siwon and Yoo Byung Jae look alike?

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