Ji Jin Hee Says He Doesn’t Understand His Character on “I Have a Lover” Either

Actor Ji Jin Hee, who is currently starring in the drama “I Have a Lover,” talked on the most recent episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment” about the controversial actions of his character on the show.

Ji Jin Hee plays Choi Jin Eon, a man who drifts apart from his ambitious wife and has an affair with a grad student named Kang Seol Ri (played by Park Han Byul).

On the October 21 episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” the show catches up with Ji Jin Hee on the set of “I Have a Lover.” They give him a mic with the name Choi Jin Eon on one side, and Ji Jin Hee on the other. The interviewer then asks him (as Choi Jin Eon) to explain why he’s the way he is.

Ji Jin Hee turns the mic to the side with his own name and confesses, “I want to ask that question too. It’s really ambiguous. He’s someone that’s really impossible to understand.”

He then gets adorably passionate as he asks, “How could this guy do that? How could a person be like that? It’s absurd!” He keeps ranting about how he doesn’t understand his actions, to the point that the show hilariously speeds up the video of him talking.

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Later on, he says that he thinks that Choi Jin Eon is an innocent person by nature, and that he was unable to simply pass by someone who had been hurt so much throughout her life like Kang Seol Ri. “He didn’t love her,” he says confidently.

What do you think about Choi Jin Eon’s actions on “I Have a Lover”?

Catch up with the most recent episode below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1077946v-i-have-a-lover-episode-16

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