9 Perfectly Drama-tic Costumes for Halloween

It’s that time of year again, for Halloween if you’re in the U.S. or for Halloween-themed parties if you’re elsewhere. And what does Halloween require from you? A costume. A costume that is both unique (nothing is worse than a copy-cat costume situation) but also shows off your unique interests (because Halloween means you can let even your oddest interests be visible).

For all of you drama lovers, we’ve teamed up with Viki to show off some of our favorite drama-themed costumes! Check them out and if you haven’t seen the dramas we’re referencing, click the title and watch for more inspiration:

1) Orange Marmalade – Kim Seolhyun as Baek Ma Ri


Baek Ma Ri is just your average highschool-aged vampire trying to live her life and avoid detection by her human classmates. Humans and vampires may have signed a peace treaty 200 years ago but humans still fear and loathe vampires and Ma Ri would rather not face that discrimination at school. But, her hiding goes down the drain when she catches the eye of Jung Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo) aka the most popular guy at her school. Life is never easy for a vampire school girl.

Get The Look: school uniform, vampire teeth, purple contacts, artfully scattered blood

2) Blood – Ku Hye Sun as Yoo Ri Ta


Yoo Ri Ta has no idea that the new hotshot doctor she’s working alongside is a vampire and Park Ji Sang (her new vampire cohort, played by Ahn Jae Hyun) is content to keep it that way. (Because, after all, being a vampire in a hospital full of sick patients is his dream job.) Ri Ta is strict about work but harbors a cute personality that slowly comes to light throughout the show.

Get The Look: doctor gown, permed hair with straight bangs, bright red lips, and maybe a fake blood bag (make it a couple costume with someone dressed to match you but also rocking fangs!)

3) Scholar Who Walks The Night – Lee Joon Gi as Kim Sung Yeol


An evil vampire has been lording over the kings of the Korean imperial family for centuries and only those who are willing to obey him are able to rise to the throne. When Crown Prince Jung Hyung (Lee Hyun Woo) plans to assassinate the evil Vampire Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk), Gwi kills him and leaves his childhood friend Scholar Kim Sung Yeol to grieve him. Things take a turn, however, when Sung Yeol is turned into a vampire and is tasked with defeating Gwi once and for all. Can he find the secret memorandum left behind by Prince Jung Hyun that holds the key to Gwi’s death? 200 years later, he solicits the help of bookseller Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi) to find the memorandum. But even with their combined efforts, can they find the plan and successfully kill Gwi?

Get The Look: hanbok (specifically traditional Korean scholar robes), tastefully spattered blood, vampire teeth, angsty expressions

4) Arang and the Magistrate – Shin Min Ah as Yoon Arang

arang_shin-min-ah(1) arang_shin-min-ah(2)

When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, her mischievous spirit comes back as a ghost. Yoon Arang is determined to find out why she died and luck is on her side when she bumps into a young Magistrate, Lee Eun Oh (Lee Joon Gi), with the ability to communicate with the dead. He’s on a mission of his own, but Arang’s stubborn persistence finally wins and he embarks on a journey with her to find her killer in hopes that she’ll finally leave him alone once they do.

Get The Look: long hair, hanbok (traditional Korean dress), pale makeup, giant circular tattoo on neck

5) Immortal – Angel Locsin as Lia Ortega


Despite a prophecy foretelling an epic battle between the two species, Lia (a werewolf) and Mateo (a vampire) find themselves drawn together. As they grow closer, the powers lying dormant inside them begin to awaken and tear them apart. If you’re looking for a low-key Werewolf costume, Lia is the perfect character muse for you!

Get The Look: green contacts, forehead wrinkles, fangs

6) My Queen – Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang


Shan Wu Shuang is the main editor for iFound magazine and is willing to do anything for a good story. Case and point? Dressing up as a young student to sneak into a school and catch evidence of a top-level minister’s affair. But, life isn’t always easy when it revolves solely around work. Wu Shuang is very, very single and still haunted by an accident six years ago that broke up her last relationship. Can she figure out how to carve time in her life for another person?

Get The Look: school uniform, large camera, hair arranged to look way too young

Alternatively: “A Witch’s Romance,” the Korean version.

7) Good Times – Hu Ge as Yuan Hao


Yuan Hao: good looking, rich, and the owner of a top travel agency. His “fatal flaw”? Refusing to settle down and a severe aversion to marriage. His girlfriend is continually nagging him to settle down (with her) and it seems like there’s a countdown until the end of the relationship if he doesn’t propose. So what is he to do? Perhaps dress like Madonna and perform for her? (This scene has yet to air so we are unsure exactly why he’s dressed as Madonna but it makes for such a great Halloween costume that we had to include it.)

Get The Look: red lips, red nails, a white dress, blonde wig, and an annoyed girlfriend

8) Office Girls – Roy Qiu as Zi Qi


When Zi Qi’s father, the Chairman of Jing Shi Department Store, challenges him to live on a lowly entry-level salary for a year, he probably didn’t expect to have to dress up in a green dragon onesie… But, if he can survive the year without revealing his true identity he will have passed his father’s test and proved that he deserves to lead the department store. Easy, right? Well, at least the costume is easy!

Get The Look: dinosaur onesie, flock of children trying to climb all over you

9) Fated to Love You – Joe Chen as Chen Xin Yi


Chen Xin Yi is just another cog in the office machine – plain, hard-working, and an extreme pushover. Her easily trusting nature and desire to please leave her often being used and then tossed aside – just like a post-it. When she begins to realize that she’s just a “post-it girl,” she finally takes the time to stand up for herself and change her life for the better. (Of course, in drama-land, nothing goes quite as planned and Xin Yi ends up taking one wild ride to change her life!)

Get The Look: plain work outfit, hair in a ponytail, glasses, dozens of post-it notes stuck on your body with menial tasks written on them (pick up coffee, change the printer ink, drop off package at the post office. etc.)

Alternatively: Fated To Love You, the Korean version.

Did we miss any of your favorite Halloween drama looks? Let us know in the comments!

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