4 Reasons You’ll Be Loving “D-Day”

I have a confession: I am very obsessed with the latest medical drama in town starring Kim Young Kwang, Jung So Min, Ha Seok Jin, and Yoon Joo Hee and I am not afraid to show it. “D-Day” is a disaster medical drama depicting what would happen if a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Seoul. Why do I love this drama so much? Well, let’s see….

Strong Female Characters


I’ve seen some great ones in past dramas, but it’s rare for me to watch a drama where all of the female characters really do hold their own. We have Jung Ddol Mi (Jung So Min), a third-year resident. She starts off as someone who often questions her own skills but grows into a take-charge doctor, showing why her medical license is more than just a piece of paper. Ddol Mi has proven herself to be more than capable of handling emergency patients beyond her area of expertise (orthopedics).

Chief Kang Joo Ran (Kim Hye Eun) has amazed me time and time again with her quick thinking and ability to get what she needs for her patients. Despite being emotionally fragile over not being able to find her son, she has stayed strong and stepped up to control what would otherwise be a very chaotic situation. This drama has proven you can write a great story where not only the boys can save the day.

The Subtle Romance


While this is a disaster drama, we do have some romance going on with our characters, and it does not take away from the main plot. Before airing, we knew of a budding romance between our leads, and it has grown very naturally over these last few episodes. Whatever time is spent showing their growing affection does not feel out of place, nor are they placing too much pressure on them to keep the story going. Along with them, Assemblyman Goo Ja Hyuk (Cha In Pyo) and Chief Kang Joo Ran were revealed to be engaged. They may not be the main couple, but the writers have made sure we are aware they’re still very much in love despite the chaos around them.

Amazing Effects

I admit I was a little worried with how the effects would turn out since I’ve seen some very low budget disaster movies. I didn’t know how the production team would bring it together, but I was amazed when I first watched. The scale of their set and the amount of detail that went into the production process was pretty high quality even for a drama. The earthquake scene lasted six minutes, but they spared no expense when it came to those minutes to show what was happening. As someone who lives in earthquake country, I appreciate how much effort they put into recreating that and the overall devastation. It was also well known that this show would be 80 percent pre-produced by air time, and it shows how good of an idea that was. Not only that, but this drama had a budget of about 15 million won (approximately $13,100)! If anything, this drama should be applauded for doing such an amazing job so far.

Supporting Characters With a Purpose


Have you ever watched a drama and noticed supporting roles were basically props for the main couple? Well, that’s not the case here. The supporting cast are just as important to the story as their main counterparts. From the Twins’ parents to Ukulele Ahjusshi, each character (no matter how small the role) serves a higher purpose. “D-Day” has taught us that even the most unlikely person can step up and help.

“D-Day” is an action packed drama that’s not very predictable and with an awesome cast who all portray their characters well. Does this seem like something you could get into? If you’re still on the fence, come join us in the Official D-Day Thread to read more in-depth opinions (maybe even join our Director Park anti-fan club). and if that convinces you, catch all the episodes on Viki!

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