Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk Gives an Update on Relationship With T-ara’s Soyeon

Click-B‘s Oh Jong Hyuk recently talked about his long-term relationship with T-ara member Soyeon during interviews about Click-B’s recent comeback.

During an interview on October 20, he’s asked whether he’s still dating Soyeon. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We’re happily dating. Soyeon always supports me, no matter what I do.”

He is then asked about the possibility of upcoming wedding bells. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We haven’t thought about [marriage] yet. We’re just dating without any big problems.”

Oh Jong Hyuk also said in an interview on October 21, “When the Click-B members all get together, we get anxious and worry about the public’s reaction. When we do that, Soyeon gives us a lot of advice, from the perspective of a fan.”

When asked again about any future marriage plans, Oh Jong Hyuk replies that he feels like he should show a good side of himself to his parents before they get older. “But thankfully my older brother still hasn’t gotten married, so I have time,” he jokes.

Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon started dating back in late 2010, and their relationship was revealed to the public in September of 2013.

Click-B is a first-generation K-pop group that made a long-awaited comeback on October 21 with their first album in 13 years that features all seven members.

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