“She Was Pretty” Fans Make Their Own Adorable Pet Onions

Fans of the hit drama “She Was Pretty” are showing their love for the show by making their own cute pet onions!

In “She Was Pretty,” Ji Sung Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) gives an onion to Kim Hye Jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum) when she’s feeling sick, after he reads online that keeping an onion nearby can help you get over a cold. She’s totally touched and puts the onion in water with a smiley face on it. Later, when Kim Hye Jin is away from the office, Ji Sung Joon draws a crying face on it and sends a photo to her.

For many fans of “She Was Pretty,” it’s hard not to look at an onion now without thinking of the show. But some fans have taken things a step further by making their own pet onions!

A guide has been posted online for how to make your own, and the method is unsurprisingly pretty simple. Peel an onion, draw a face on it, and then place it in a clear cup with some water!

she was pretty onion

Fans have posted photos of their own adorable onions to Instagram.

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Are you planning on making your own pet onion now?

You can catch up on “She Was Pretty” below!

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