Brown Eyed Girls Answer to Whether They Got Cosmetic Surgery During Their Hiatus

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls answered to whether or not they got cosmetic surgery during their hiatus.

On the October 21 broadcast of Naver V App, Brown Eyed Girls appeared as guests and voiced some of their concerns ahead of their upcoming comeback.

When asked, “Did you get cosmetic surgery?” by a fan, the members reply, “We couldn’t. We haven’t had income for a while.”

They then say, “Our appearance did change a lot over the past 10 years. However, since we did this for 10 years, of course we’re going to look different from other girl groups and their past photos.” They laugh while they say, “Girl groups nowadays debut after they’re fully ready, but we couldn’t do that.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls are looking forward to their first comeback in two years this fall. According to the members, the new album will be released November 5 and they will promote a double title song.

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