Ha Yeon Soo Explains Why She Is Often Mistaken as Japanese

Ha Yeon Soo says many people have mistaken her for a foreigner due to her typical non-Korean looks.

On the episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment” aired on October 21, rising actress Ha Yeon Soo is interviewed.

When the reporter asks, “I’m sorry to say this on our first encounter, but are you from Japan,” she replies in fluent Japanese. However, she soon says, “Of course not. Though a lot of people mistaken so, I’m Korean.”

ha yeon soo 2

When asked about her modeling experience in Japan, she says, “A friend who is like a sister to me works for a wig company. Since I had experience as a fitting model, I helped out a few times.”

“I’m not sure if I’m popular in Japan,” she adds.

ha yeon soo 3

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