Eric Nam Talks About Experiencing Racism as a Student

Singer Eric Nam talks about experiencing racism as a student growing up in the States.

On the October 21 broadcast of SBS’s “Finding Genius,” Eric Nam appeared along with gifted nine-year-olds Kim Min Seo and Kim Hong Seok.

Eric Nam revealed that he scored 750 out of 800 on the college entrance exam SAT in mathematics. Although he was an excellent student, he struggled with racism as the only Asian student in school.

He shocked the others on the show when he said, “I wanted to quit at times because racism was so hard for me to deal with. I was the only Asian in school. The worst experience I had was when I was spat upon.”

Eric Nam made his debut through MBC’s audition program “Star Audition: The Great Birth 2.” Thanks to his fluent English and considerate mannerism during interviews, he has been applauded by many international celebrities visiting Korea.

Check out the clip of the “Finding Genius” featuring Eric Nam here.

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