Ga In Cuts Hair and Gets a Tattoo for Brown Eyed Girls’ Comeback

Ga In is not holding back when it comes to teasing fans about Brown Eyed Girls‘ upcoming comeback!

On October 22, she shared two rather revealing photos with her Instagram followers, dropping hints about her group’s album concept.

In the first picture, Ga In flashes her bare back to the camera, revealing a calligraphic neck tattoo — most likely a temporary one — that seems to refer to Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback. She is also sporting short black hair, and appears to have gone for a shorter look than ever before.

Ga In wrote as the caption, “Now that my hair has been revealed, around this much should be okay… This is actually a spoiler.”

The second picture shows Ga In posing in a dressing room with her back facing the camera, sensually looking over her shoulder. Once again, fans get a glimpse of her edgy tattoo.

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls is set to return on November 5 with double title tracks.


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