Ivy Makes a Jaw-Dropping Halloween Transformation

On a recent episode of fashion network FashionN‘s “Follow Me,” singer Ivy shows off a shocking Halloween transformation!

Ivy, who is one of the MCs of “Follow Me,” is known for having a deep knowledge of makeup, especially Halloween makeup. To prove it, she attempts to make herself over to look like the Joker and says, “I want to make memories that I can look back on and smile at when I’ve grown older.”



True to her reputation, Ivy goes all out, from the totally white face and dark rings around her eyes, to the iconic Joker smile and wild hair. However, despite the fact that she perfectly emulates the Joker, Ivy immediately regrets her decision. She jokes, “If this airs, I’ll have no hope of ever getting married.”

This episode will air on October 22 at 9 p.m. KST.

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