Song Ji Hyo Sweetly Takes Care of Gary in Behind-the-Scenes Photos of “Running Man”

SBS‘s “Running Man” released some cute behind-the-scenes photos of Song Ji Hyo taking care of Gary.

These photos were taken when they were filming the opening of an upcoming episode and they were in the middle of eating lunch. Seeing that Gary couldn’t quite reach the other side dishes far away, Song Ji Hyo picked up the different foods and gave it to him herself.

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A staff member at the set explained, “It was lunch time when we were shooting the opening. Since everyone had to sit in one straight line, the members couldn’t enjoy everything that was on the table. Song Ji Hyo, who was sitting next to Gary, started picking up the foods that he couldn’t reach and making sure to take care of him.”

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In other photos, when the members start looking for water, the gentleman Lee Kwang Soo was the first one to get up and pour it to the others.

Fans will be able to other behind-the-scenes photos every Wednesday by following the official Facebook of “Running Man.”

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