Jessi and Dok2 Bring Out Their Charisma for 1st Look’s Pictorial

Jessi and Dok2 are one charming hip hop duo in 1st Look‘s recent photo shoot.

1st look2

1st look4

1st look

These two have been complimented as the current icon of hip hop these days, and perhaps that’s why their chemistry during this pictorial was outstanding. Jessi and Dok2 knew exactly what they had to do when they got on set and they were very professional with their poses and facial expressions.

1st look3

1st look5

During break time, the two cracked jokes with each other and laughed out loud, showing playful sides of themselves that are parallel to their images on stage. They stayed professional and did not leave the set even when they were done filming to check their facial expressions, poses, and outfits.

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Fans can see more of their photos in 1st Look’s no. 99 edition.

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