Park Yoo Hwan’s Character Is a Charmingly Honest Romantic Guy on “She Was Pretty”

In the tenth episode of “She Was Pretty,” which aired on October 21, Park Yoo Hwan‘s character Kim Joon Woo completely floors Han Sul (played by Shin Hye Sun) with his honesty.

The pair go out together to eat at one of Kim Joon Woo’s favorite restaurants, but the food is way too spicy for Han Sul. Seeing how much she’s struggling, Kim Joon Woo comments, “I should come here with someone else next time.” Han Sul quickly tries to show that she’s actually fine with the food, stuffing the spicy noodles into her face, but her nose is running a lot, and on the table there’s a huge pile of napkins she’s used to wipe her nose and mouth.

When they’re about to get up to leave, Kim Joon Woo grabs a bunch of the napkins to help her throw them out. “Those are dirty!” says Han Sul in horror.

she was pretty 1

“What’s dirty about them?” says Kim Joon Woo, and then smiles and says casually, “They’re yours, it’s fine!”

she was pretty 2

He then leaves the restaurant, and Han Sul runs after him. She asks him, “What did that mean by ‘They’re yours, it’s fine’? Do you like me?”

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“Yes,” he answers right away. “You didn’t know?”

Han Sul is shocked, and asks, “So then what are we? Are we dating?”

she was pretty 6

Kim Joon Woo nods enthusiastically and smiles as he replies, “Okay!”

she was pretty 5

Many viewers have totally fallen for Kim Joon Woo’s straightforward, romantic charms and are excited to see how the story unfolds between these two. Be sure to watch the episode below to see what happens next in the scene with this adorable new couple!

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