Eugene Shares Photos of Her Adorable Baby Girl on “Happy Together”

Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young welcomed a healthy daughter named Ro Hee into the world in April, and she’s now shared some cute new photos of their baby girl!

Eugene appeared on October 22’s episode of “Happy Together” along with Lee Sang Woo, her co-star on “All About My Mom.” On this episode, the hosts and some special guests (including Eugene’s fellow S.E.S member Shoo) go through some of Eugene and Lee Sang Woo’s possessions.

One of Eugene’s items is a t-shirt that she says S.E.S’s Bada gave her as a gift a long time ago.

eugene happy together 1

Bada is currently in the United States, but the show gets her on the phone. When they ask her about the shirt, Bada says, “That’s so old now, you still have it?! I’m so touched!”

shoo bada eugene

They ask Bada if she thinks Eugene should keep the shirt, and she says, “The little girl on the shirt looks like what Ro Hee will look like at that age, they’re both so cute, so I want to give it to Ro Hee now. Since it’s something that her mom used to wear.” As she’s talking, the show reveals some photos of Eugene’s adorable daughter.

ro hee happy together 3 ro hee happy together 2 ro hee happy together

You can catch more of “Happy Together” by watching the latest episode below!

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