Netizens Speculate on a Potential Plot Hole in “She Was Pretty”

With new developments in the story between Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon), the MBC drama “She Was Pretty” is gaining even more momentum. However, there is one element of the drama that’s got the netizens scratching their heads.


On the October 21 broadcast of “She Was Pretty,” Kim Hye Jin realizes that Min Ha Ri (Go Jun Hee) continued to hide her identity to stay close to Ji Sung Joon.

In the midst of this storyline, the scene that everyone is talking about is where Hye Jin is pensively holding the puzzle piece given to her by Sung Joon.

The problem is that this puzzle piece is the one Ha Ri took earlier and already gave Sung Joon to convince him that she’s the real Kim Hye Jin.

Seeing the puzzle piece, Park Seo Joon had said with a smile, “That’s it. That’s definitely the one.”

she was pretty-plot hole2

she was pretty-plot hole3

she was pretty-plot hole4

So how does Hye Jin have the piece again?

Netizens posed speculations like, “Did Ha Ri not steal but buy the same puzzle out of guilt?” or “Did she put it back after she showed it to Ji Sung Joon?” Another is that if Ha Ri did purchase a new puzzle set, Ji Sung Joon would definitely wonder how an old puzzle piece would stay so clean or question the authenticity of the umbrella drawing on the back. With such detail, Ji Sung Joon could’ve had suspicions about Ha Ri being the real Kim Hye Jin.

Episode 6 when Ha Ri gives Sung Joon the puzzle piece (at 46:40):

Watch the latest episode of “She Was Pretty” here.

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