Choi Siwon Impresses With Funny Scene From “She Was Pretty”

A super funny scene from MBC‘s drama “She Was Pretty.”recently grabbed the viewers’ attention

On the October 21 episode, Choi Siwon (Kim Shin Hyuk) and Hwang Jung Eum (Kim Hye Jin) are seen having lunch together at a restaurant.


In the storyline, Kim Shin Hyuk injured his right arm due to a motorcycle accident while trying to help out Kim Hye Jin. Not knowing how he hurt himself, Hwang Jung Eum keeps asking him about his injury as he’s clearly exaggerating his level of pain.

However, Choi Siwon avoids answering her by whining, “Oh, no… this won’t work. You’ll have to feed me, Jackson.”

Choi Siwon brazenly opens his mouth widely as he says, “There’s no way I can eat on my own. Give me a pickled daikon. Ah…”

At his request, Hwang Jung Eum throws a pickled daikon at him nonchalantly and Choi Siwon catches it with his mouth.

It is said that the perfect comedic chemistry between the two actors brought everyone on the set to laughter.

Check out the episode with this scene here (starts around 30:16):

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