Minguk Gives Adorable Response When Told He’ll Have to Join the Military on “The Return of Superman”

On a recent episode of “The Return of Superman,” Song Il Gook and the triplets pay a visit to the base exchange (a supermarket or convenience store for service members and their families that is generally tax-free).

During their visit, the other soldiers surprise Song Il Gook by making delicious concoctions out of snacks commonly found at the exchange. Song Il Gook is particularly impressed by a cupcake made out of rice biscuits, milk, and hot cocoa powder, saying that it really does have a bread-like consistency.


In the midst of this, Minguk suddenly asks the soldiers why they joined the army, catching many of them off guard. One of the soldiers asks, “You will have to become a soldier one day too, right?”

Minguk adorably replies, “But I’ve already become a soldier,” implying that he wonders why he should have to serve his duty twice. His response causes laughter all around.

You can catch up with “The Return of Superman” below.

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