IU Clarifies What Role Jang Ki Ha Played in Preparing for Her New Album

IU talked about how her being in a relationship with Jang Ki Ha has affected her newly released mini-album “Chat-shire.”

During IU’s “Chat-shire” album release showcase on October 23, she revealed, “I really feel like I’m living life these days. I especially felt it while preparing this album. It’s like my blood is flowing faster. Sometimes I saw the devil in me.”

Someone asked, “Isn’t it because you’re dating (Jang Ki Ha)?” to which IU replied, “There are many reasons. It hasn’t been long since I’ve announced my relationship news, but we’ve been dating for two years now. (My relationship) doesn’t affect my level of happiness as of now. It’s because of my new album.”

The singer ended with, “I didn’t know if this album would be relatable to many people, so I worried a lot. But many people liked it and it’s doing well. When I checked the music charts, I literally awed. I was so grateful that a ‘thank you’ just spill out. I was so humbled by the results.”

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