Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: October 12–18

It’s a small batch of top K-drama moments, but it has almost everything that many drama viewers would like: romance for all ages, girlmance, dance competition, and a creepy ghost!

Let’s get to it!

1. “Twenty Again” (Episode 16): A Comfy Ending

No Ra had her most comfortable ending to her journey, snuggling up for an afternoon nap with her love Hyun Seok.

At a park, the two have settled on a blanket, doing some reading while listening to music together. When she falls asleep curled up in his arms, a boy kicks a ball to them. Making sure she doesn’t wake up, Hyun Seok bribes the boy with chocolate to play somewhere else.

Alone again, Hyun Seok kisses No Ra’s forehead, and she smiles. We know they’ll have many more afternoons like this even when they’re well into their 90s!

2. “D-Day” (Episode 9): There’s Time for a Kiss

Even in the messiest circumstances, intimacy has a way of sneaking in.

Hae Sung and his tireless crew rush to Gimpo Airport so that a critically sick patient can be transported to another hospital. On the way, the ambulance gets stuck in a mud pit, and Hae Sung and Ddol Mi relegate themselves to pushing the vehicle as Nurse Ji Na mans the wheel while Dae Gil stays with the patient. As they free the car out of the pit, mud splatters all over Hae Sung and Ddol Mi. They laugh about how dirty they are, and Hae Sung jokes that Ddol Mi has suffered a lot since coming to Seoul, adding that she probably doesn’t want to come back. Hae Sung then lightly wipes the mud off Ddol Mi’s face, and she becomes nervous. Who wouldn’t be affected by this kind of attention from a crush? Not about to miss a small window of chance, Hae Sung cups her face and plants his full lips on hers. Romantic, right? Almost. Ugh, Ddol Mi responds with the dreaded dead fish kiss, but we’ll chalk it up to her overwhelming shock. Despite the rather paralyzed expression on her face, she is on tiptoes to receive more of his kiss.

This makeout doesn’t meet our standards, but their reactions afterwards are winning as the two get back on the ambulance unable to conceal their smiles.

3. “She Was Pretty” (Episode 9): Best Friends Forever

Ha Ri is on many hate lists, with lots of viewers imagining feeding her to the fishes in the Han River. However, we’re not feeling too hard on her because secretly dating her best friend’s love has trapped her in her own private hell. Her guilt has caused her to have stomach aches, and she faints from stress, having to be rushed to the hospital. Surely, that’s sufficient punishment, right?

Right after she returns home from the hospital, Hye Jin instantly becomes her personal nurse, and this makes Ha Ri think back to a time as a teenager: She had gotten sick and her unfeeling stepmother only left her money to take herself to the hospital if her conditioned worsened. Luckily for her then, Hye Jin showed up with porridge and looked after her.

In the present, Ha Ri gives Hye Jin a back hug and reminds her that she loves her. She doesn’t even have to say it because the affection between them pours out from the screen.

Although it infuriates us that Ha Ri has continued to betray her friend despite so much history between them, we are rooting for them to get through this without many scars. Aja!

4. “Sassy Go Go” (Episode 4): I’m Game If You Are

After coming out of the hospital, Yeol and Yeon Doo cut classes and enjoy the day together. As they go through the marketplace, they stumble upon a dance competition where the grand prize is a stereo, and since her dance group can use it, Yeon Doo joins in. As she dances to trot songs, the MC promises to give her the stereo if Yeol performs, too. Naturally, Yeon Doo drags an apprehensive Yeol on stage. He dances stiffly at first, but he quickly loosens up following our girl’s lead.

Because of how fun it is, it’s a no-brainer this scene is one of the top moments. We also like this scene as it shows that being with the person he likes has pushed Yeol out of his comfort zone.

5. “Sassy Go Go” (Episode 4): Sleep It Off


After joining a dance competition at a nearby market, Yeol and Yeon Doo head home late with their third place win—a huge rice cooker. When they get on the bus, the two initially have a petty yet cute dispute over seating arrangements. She eventually sits with him when a space next to him opens up, but they continue their back-and-forth over who should hold the rice cooker.

They eventually fall asleep, and our hearts really turn mushy when Yeol wakes up and smiles as Yeon Doo’s head rests on his shoulder. Although she’s asleep, Yeon Doo finally wins their rice cooker war as Yeol carries the prize for the rest of the bus ride. Awww.

6. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 4): Out of Nowhere

Yoo Na, who is determined to find the killer of Hye Jin, is taken to the police substation after trespassing into the suspicious Agassi’s home. Ji Sook is understandably upset when she picks Yoo Na up, but thinking that Hye Jin’s murder case has been resolved, she is also relieved. After all, Ji Sook has her own secrets about Hye Jin.

As they drive home, she tells Yoo Na not to worry about the case anymore and concentrate on her studies. She may be young, but Yoo Na isn’t naive, and she accuses her mother of being happy that Hye Jin’s dead. Ji Sook tells her that she doesn’t hate Hye Jin as she’s only one of her father’s many mistresses in the village. Yoo Na shouts for her to stop saying such things, but Ji Sook insists that Hye Jin is nothing to her. It doesn’t matter to her whether Hye Jin’s alive or dead, and as she rants on, Ji Sook goads her own anger. As Ji Sook glowers at her daughter, there’s a rapping on the window … while the car is moving? Ji Sook turns her head and sees Hye Jin, distraught and pounding on the glass. Eeek! Oh. What. The. What.

Is that Hye Jin’s ghost or Ji Sook’s imagination? This show has its creepy moments, but we’re glad we watched this scene during daylight!

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