TWICE Shares Making-Of Videos for “Like OOH-AHH” MV and Teasers

JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group TWICE has released two fun new behind-the-scenes videos!

The first video shares a glimpse of what happened on the set of the music video for their debut track “Like OOH-AHH,” including some cute bloopers, selfies with the zombie actors, and goofing around and practicing as they wait for the cameras to roll again.

JYP Entertainment also uploaded a video that shows fans how each of the group members filmed their individual teasers for their debut. In Sana‘s teaser, she brushed off a crazed zombie in a store, but in the teaser we see her laugh once she gets out of the frame. “It was like I was meeting a real zombie,” she says. “It was a bit scary.” Meanwhile, Jungyeon cracks everyone up on set as she reacts to a zombie trying to scare her from behind a sofa. See the members filming their teasers in the video below!

TWICE is a nine-member group that debuted on October 20 after being selected through the Mnet audition show “Sixteen.”