Taeyeon Opens Up About Challenges of Going Solo

Taeyeon has confessed that going from a group of eight to a one-person show was far from a smooth transition.

The show premiere of Taeyeon’s own reality show “Daily Taeng9Cam” aired on October 24. In the first episode, Taeyeon discusses her solo debut, takes fans behind the scenes of her debut stage, and shares other bits and pieces of her daily life.

Regarding her first performance as a solo artist, the Girls’ Generation leader confesses, “It is still quite awkward to promote alone. It’s tough. I’m still not used to it,” and shares her feelings about going solo.

While giving an interview all by herself, she suddenly bursts into cute laughter and says, “This is awkward…”


Meanwhile, “Daily Taeng9Cam” airs on Fridays on OnStyle.

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