Kangin Gives Red Velvet’s Joy and Yook Sungjae Heartfelt Advice on “We Got Married”

Apparently anti-fans are a good thing, at least according to Super Junior‘s Kangin!

On the most recent episode of “We Got Married,” Red Velvet‘s Joy and BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae meet up with Kangin and f(x)‘s Amber Liu for coffee. During their time together, Joy mentions that according to netizens, she seems to like Yook Sungjae too much. “Do I really come off that way?” she asks.


To this, Kangin replies, “You must be worrying about anti-fans again. When it comes to malicious comments, I have a lot to say. There are 20 million anti-fans at my back, so I feel secure. It must be a Guinness world record.”

Despite his joking, Kangin goes on with more serious advice. “It’s not a bad thing to like someone more, whether it’s the guy who likes the girl more or the girl who like the guy more. You’re just expressing the fact that you like them. When you hear these kinds of comments, Joy, all Sungjae has to do is express himself to you more. Clearly you’re doing all right.” Yook Sungjae and Joy are both very touched by Kangin’s words of support.

The episode aired at 4:55 p.m. KST on October 24.

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