Son Ho Joon Describes Kim Yoo Jung as a Beautiful and Mature Actress

On October 12, Son Ho Joon was a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Gong Hyung Jin’s Cine Town.” On the show, Son Ho Joon revealed his first impression of actress Kim Yoo Jung. They worked together for their upcoming movie, “Secret.”

He said, “I met Kim Yoo Jung for the first time through this movie. Because of her age, I was expecting her to be like a little child. However, upon meeting her, I realized I was wrong. She grew up a lot and is now very mature and beautiful.”

son ho joon kim yoo jung

The film, “Secret,” is a mystery drama about the meeting between a murderer’s daughter, the detective who took care of her, and a mysterious man who shows up with a secret. The film stars Kim Yoo Jung, Son Ho Joon, and Sung Dong Il.

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