Jung Kyung Ho Writes Personal Letter to Kwak Si Yang About Kim So Yeon

The October 24 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married” was a continuation of Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon‘s housewarming party and on this broadcast, Kwak Si Yang reveals a letter he got from actor Jung Kyung Ho, who recently starred alongside Kim So Yeon in the JTBC drama “Falling for Innocence.”

kwak si yang kim so yeon wgm

In the letter, Jung Kyung Ho describes Kim So Yeon’s true personality. He writes how Kim So Yeon likes being offered coffee when she runs out of things to talk about and how she hates exercising. He also mentions how she gets surprised or shocked very often and in such cases, you just have to follow along and act like you are surprised too. He mentions much more in the letter, touching Kim So Yeon.

Upon receiving the letter, Kwak Si Yang says, “I believe I have received a very valuable gift. Thank you.”

kwak si yang kim so yeon wgm jung kyung ho

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