Meet the Rising Star With a Million-Watt Smile, Lee Won Geun

If you’ve been watching a good amount of K-dramas lately, you’ve probably noticed this face.


But since he only recently got a lead role, maybe you haven’t quite dug into his profile yet. No fret; that’s what I’m here for.

Name: Lee Won Geun (이원근)

Birthday: June 27, 1991

Height: 185cm

Weight: 66kg

Blood Type: O

His first drama appearance was in “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” I know. What? Definitely didn’t notice him there, but here he is, as the child version of Woon, later played by Song Jae Rim.


Since then, he has been in “Pure Love,” “Madly in Love,” “Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup,” “Secret Door,” and the one that I personally fell in love with him in, “Hyde Jekyll, Me.” And right now, he is shooting to stardom with his lead role in “Sassy Go Go.” To be honest, it’s not that hard to fall for this new face (and I say that from experience). With the perfect height and weight combination, his proportions are golden. He looks great in everything he wears, and his good looking face just completes his look. Plus, when he smiles… well, it’s game over.


and when he winks? Dead.

Source: KBS

Source: YouTube/KBS

Also, his interviews reveal a bright, optimistic, outgoing young man who is always trying his hardest to improve while staying humble even through his rising stardom. Plus, his friendship with his co-stars is just proof of what a friendly person he is. This selfie with current co-stars Ji Soo and N is my favorite. His friendship — and bromance — with Ji Soo especially is heart warming, both on and off screen.


It’s not easy for a guy to be sexy, charismatic, and adorable at the same time. It’s also not easy for an actor to completely portray one character who is so elite and snobby, yet caring and humane at the same time either. But Lee Won Geun pulls it off somehow, all while making female viewers fall even harder for him.


And whether this short introduction piece on him has you interested in this actor or not, everyone needs to try “Sassy Go Go.” The overall plot and mood is refreshing and fun (although I give fair warning that there are darker aspects to the drama). His chemistry with Jung Eun Ji – and all of the characters with each other, for that matter – is spot on. For instance, this is in the first episode.


If that doesn’t want to make you try the first episode of a K-drama, I don’t know what will. Bottom line: Lee Won Geun is a rising star we should all be looking out for, and if that’s difficult for you, just remember this smiling face…


You can start watching “Sassy Go Go” below!

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